3D Printed Sculpture

In 2002 on being awarded a Henry Moore Scholarship, which allowed him the research time to embark on a self initiated project  entitled “Sculpture through the keyboard” in which he revisited his early engineering experiences and interest in all things mechanical and their manufacture this was underpinned by a strong desire to understand the rapidly developing processes of Digital Manufacture.  These desires were accompanied with his passion for intensive chromatic colour which been employing in his painting since his early art education.  



Artist reflection:  An improvisation with and abstracting on the immortal words from the song by Luo Reed…”Take a walk on the wild side”… And the colored girls go… “Doo do doo do doo do do doo…”


A week of angles

Artist reflection: “A week of angels”, first in the series of 3D polychromic prints from the Henry Moore scholarship research programme  Each of the forms where generated in in CAD software in the computer from the Sigils of Angels transcribed and transformed via intuitively determined or improvised geometric paths.  Each sigil is of the angel that looks over the particular day of the week

In the house of...

Artist reflection: This  series “In the house of” was pusued during the period. 2009 2013 and  exhibited at the APT gallery in South East London, that year in an two person exhibition the process and concept underpinning the form was akin to that of the preceding forms and were generated from the graphics signs of the planets and astrological symbols of star constellations. Then  are further enhanced by improvisation and intuitive interventions in CAD software colouring algorithms.

Larger DCM sculptures