Shortly after completing post graduate studies, where the research  was routed in the canon of abstraction, a realisation, began take hold of how the physicality of the medium materials and processes employed were  taking over the subject of the works. The behavior of the paint and the tools of its application became more important than any narrative or aesthetic interpretation of the works it was their objectness began to begged the question were they paintings or were they in fact sculptures.

Determined to explore this it was time to take some tradition material that is associated with he process of sculpture making and respond to it in some abstract or oblique manner.

This was done by covering my left and with wax. when this was compete the hand was  extracted from the wax and the gap from which the hand was extracted was folded and surprisingly the hand transmuted into a head. What’s more it was not an abstract piece of minimal interventionism which was expected’ This was a didactic autoportrait.  So rather than solving a problem, 

Birth of Janus

Adam and Eve Nip-n-Tuc

Hocus : Hocus Pocus

Hobby Horse

Madonna Of Two Ages

Eve Apple Snake